Protecting your privacy during COVID-19

By the ILA Best Practices Committee

When the novel coronavirus pandemic led to Illinois’ stay-at-home order in mid-March, libraries closed and library workers began working from home. This led to a sudden uptick in the use of online meeting software, the most popular of which is Zoom.

Unfortunately, Zoom comes with many privacy issues from Zoombombing to a lack of end-to-end encryption, which allows data to move between devices in a form that is unreadable to anyone other than the recipients. In early April, Zoom announced a 90 day feature freeze to fix privacy and security issues, although some, including end-to-end encryption, will only be available to paying customers.

Below are some links to help you protect your privacy during the pandemic, both on Zoom and online more generally. If you’re concerned enough about Zoom’s security to think about switching, check out this article from the Verge that rounds up the best alternatives.

Make your Zoom meetings more secure

Privacy and online security during COVID-19


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