Tips for Reading Even More Books This Year

By Allison Riggs

Whether you are on a reading committee, attempting to hit your Goodreads goal, trying to know your collection better for readers’ advisory, preparing for book talks, or reading just for fun, there never seems to be enough time in the day to get all your reading done. Even though some of the population thinks librarians just sit around and read all day–and while I must admit that would be a pretty sweet job–we all know that’s not the truth. So, if reading more books this year is one of your goals, here are some tips to help you read as many books as you can in 2020.

  1. Listen to Audiobooks – Worried I would not be able to pay attention while listening to audiobooks, I ignored this form of reading for years, and I was missing out. I now listen to audiobooks on my commute, while I’m cleaning around the house, and while I walk the dog.
  2. Set Aside Time for Reading – We all live busy lives, so perhaps if we set aside a specific time to read every day we will be more likely to actually take the time to sit down and read. You could schedule 30 minutes before bed every night to read, or read every morning while sipping your coffee.
  3. Always Carry a Book with You – I always have a book in my purse, and it has come in handy on several occasions. You just never know when you will be able to fit in a few minutes of reading! Perhaps you will find time to read while you wait for the dentist, during your lunch break, or while riding in the car.
  4. Don’t be Afraid to DNF (Do Not Finish) – Unless you must read the book for a specific reason, if you aren’t enjoying what you’re reading, I think you should set it aside and try something new. Our reading time is precious, and you probably don’t want to waste it on a book you don’t like.
  5. Read Multiple Books at Once – I’m usually reading three books at once. I am generally listening to an audiobook, reading an ebook since a Kindle is much lighter to carry around than an actual book, and then I also have my hardcover or paperback book that stays at home. This makes it easier for me to fit in reading time any chance that I get.
  6. Find a Reading Buddy – Gather a friend, a family member, or a co-worker, and agree on a book to read together. This commitment should be good encouragement to make time to sit down and read. Plus, it’s always fun to have someone to talk to about the book you just finished reading.

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