Shannon’s Season’s Readings

By Shannon Kazmierczak

So, have you been binging on Hallmark movies until your teeth ache because of the saccharin sweetness they provide you? Yep, me too — and I’m loving almost every minute of it.  (No, it’s okay, they aren’t everyone’s jam. If they’re not yours, you can skip this post today).

Having a break in December from my book club also offers me the opportunity to turn this yearning for as much Christmas corn into reading all of the festive holiday books I can get my hands on. 

Some of the books are typical, turned-into-Hallmark-movie type of plots, and others have a little bit more of an edge to them. But if they have “holiday” or “Christmas” in the title or if they even mention snow, I’m there!

These are some of my tried and true favorites from over the years:

The Christmas Train by David Baldacci

A train ride to the true meaning of Christmas for a curmudgeonly reporter.

Holiday Grind by Cleo Coyle

A dead Santa, a hot cup of joe, and Christmas in the Big Apple. How cozy!

Trading Christmas by Debbie Macomber

Mix-ups and mistletoe for a sweet holiday romance.

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

A serial killer who leaves a sinister snowman as his calling card.

Christmas Under a Cranberry Sky by Holly Martin

Scotland in a town built just for Christmas and a reunited romance. This one will melt the snow for sure.

Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

If you only read the memoir about his time as a Macy’s elf, it’s worth it.


2 thoughts on “Shannon’s Season’s Readings

  1. I LOVE David Sedaris! I have been to his readings twice. The first time, during the book signing portion of the evening, a somewhat memorable moment occurred between David and my boyfriend (now my husband). When we saw him again several years later, we mentioned that memorable moment, and David when ash white, then flushed red, and admitted he distinctly remembered when he had tried to embarrass my husband! We all had a good laugh about it, and he wrote a very touching sentiment in one of our books.

    Excellent recommendations for the Christmas reading list! I would also add “Christmas Jars” by Jason F. Wright and “An Amish Christmas” by Cynthia Keller.


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